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Boy Love Story [[Yaoi]]

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หนังเกย์ My Hot Guitar Teacher Just a simple guitar lesson. But something special happened.


Today is another boring day. The usual holiday is nothing special. Mom is having fun with her mom's friends, she's busy with work. And I'm in the guitar lessons. At first I thought that learning guitar would be fun. But it turned out to be very boring. The bell rang, and my guitar teacher, John Cum, came in. He was a good-looking white man, maybe he would go to the gym like me. Okay, Marcus today we'll learn the chords, "he said, accompanied by a show of how the chord c caught and played it on his guitar. When I try to capture the chord as he shows it to me. He moved in to see if I caught the right one. Also hold my hand to adjust the correct grip position. As he moved His shirt is pushed out. 'God! His chest caught my eye. 'My eyes were fixed on his chest. While he was teaching the chords.

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