Cuper depends on Shikabala as Said's substitute

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Cuper depends on Shikabala as Said's substitute

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sbobet8888 Hector Cuper, the Egyptian national team head coach, assured during the press conference held on Monday at the headquarters of the Egyptian Football Association that he has the best substitute for any player in the team.

The Argentinean coach stressed that he relies on Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” to be the best strategic substitute for sbobet8888 Abdallah al-Said in the playmaker position, referring that he determines his needs according to the formation he uses in the games.

Concerning the friendly against sbobet8888 Kuwait, Cuper said that it will be competitive and important, as there are no weak and strong teams now, especially that this game will play a great role in choosing the final squad, scheduled to travel to Russia in June to represent Egypt at the World Cup. The Pharaohs will start their last training camp before the World Cup on May 22; then the team will face Kuwait on May 26, Colombia on June 1 and Belgium on June 6.

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