Anyone Still Playing Legion?

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Anyone Still Playing Legion?

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I have just re-installed Legion and I am surprised that I actually enjoy it!!! It must be an age thing. I bought Legion when it first came out but did not like the uncontrollable battles. Now that I am older, I better realize the significance of terrain effects and unit strengths in battle. I realize that this game is not so bad after all once you get to know the battle mechanics and I have always liked the campaign map\city strategy side of the game. I now have been playing Legion for a few weeks, and I enjoy it so much that I ordered Spartan, Chariots, and Troy. I have a couple questions regarding different gameplay options for these games. I hope these forums are still alive because I couldn't find other support for these games on the web. My Main questions are about Legion because that is the game I am playing atm but some answers may pertain to the other games as well. 1) Now that I am familiar with Legion, I have tried playing some of the smaller nations. One thing that bugs me is that the AI always seems to start with medium sized troops. This forces me to turtle in the game and hide in my cities until I can upgrade my troops to match the enemy. If the AI comes directly at me I need to restart the game. I also think that the AI is hurt by these sizes because it can't afford to keep the amount of medium sized troops in the field that it normally does. Anyway, Is there a way for all factions to either start with the same resources or the the same small armies? What files would I need to mod to make this work?
2) Where can I find more information on population growth and the modifiers that buildings like shrines, guilds, etc give to production? For population growth, I mainly want to know how do free workers speed up the process and when it may be better to free more workers or build up stockpiles. For production modifiers, I generally wanted to know what percent bonus some of these buildings give to production. This will help me determine if the population and production bonus giving buildings are worth building or not.
3) What determines the type of mercenaries I get when I build a bordello? I suppose this may depend on the faction I am playing and the region I build the bordello in. I have not experimented very much with both the bordellos and the bonus giving buildings in the game. What files would I need to look in to find out more about these buildings?

Please help.

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