Sevilla approaches Laurent Blanc

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Sevilla approaches Laurent Blanc

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After the official dismissal of their coach, Eduardo Berizzo, on Friday, Sevilla accelerates the search for a replacement to lead the team after the holiday break. There are many names that the board shuffles: former Barcelona’s coach Luis Enrique, former Bayern’s coach, Ancelotti, and former Tottenham’s, Andre Villas-Boas. All of them are top-level coaches, with proven resumes at the highestsbobetEuropean level. Of all the names that sound for the arduous task of reviving the whole of Sevilla, one of the most appealing to the board is Laurent Blanc, former Paris Saint-Germain's coach. Laurent Blanc, commonly known as “Le Président”, has a long-standing career in French football, but has been without a team since his disengagement from Paris St Germain in 2016. Previously, he hadsbobetdirected the French national team, between 2010 and 2012, and Bordeaux, a team that he raised in 2009 to the top of French football after almost a decade of mediocrity. The former Barcelona player fits perfectly in the ambitious goals of Sevilla: to return the team to the top of the table and play a great role in European competitions.sbobet

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