Graphic glitch pls help

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Graphic glitch pls help

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i installed freelancer on my msi u135 netbook along with FLMM and a few mods, the game loads and runs fine but when i have to go to a menu such as buying ships or reading jobs board the graphics go nuts, il try to be as clear as possible, basically it seams to stretch out all the words and drag them all over the screen basically making it unreadable and therefore unplayable, almost everything else is glitch free and the space battles are perfectly playable.
other ppl on the web claim to run this game on there netbooks without this issue, though the few who have mentioned it seamed to fix it but neglect to share how they did it .
anyway i hope you can help as i realy want to be able to play this game on my netbook. also i can post a screen shot of the glitch if it helps, my netbook specs are as folllows
intel atom n45 1g ram ive tried to be as detalied as possible but if u need more info i will be happy to provide if it will help

please help

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