Kepa passes the medical review before joining Real Madrid

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Kepa passes the medical review before joining Real Madrid

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Kepa Arrizabalaga, Athletic Bilbao’s goalkeeper, has already signed the contract with Real Madrid, according to the Spanish newspaper AS in its edition on Thursday.Everything indicates that Kepa will be a white player in this transfer market. Hisสโบเบทsituation in Athletic is very uncomfortable due to his departure now or in June, which is an open secret and Bilbao’s fans do not forgive him.

Kepa has passed the medical review prior to the signing by Real Madrid. As reported by OK newspaper, Kepa has moved this Thursday to Madrid in order to pass the medical examination. He has done this afterสโบเบทnot participating in the closed-door training that Athletic Bilbao carried out in its facilities.

The deal can only be sealed if Real Madrid pays the release clause, which is €20 million. One of the inconveniences to close the signing is that Kepa is suffering an injury and he will still need 10 more days to fully recover. Real Madrid does not want to close the deal until that moment. สโบเบท

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