Atletico Madrid Star Proud Of Barca Interest

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Atletico Madrid Star Proud Of Barca Interest

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An Atletico Madrid star, who has been linked with a move to FC Barcelona, has revealed he is proud to have attracted interest from the Catalan giants.

The Rojiblancos' Saul Niguez has risen to prominence with some eye-catching displays inสโบเบ็ตthe UEFA Champions League in the past two seasons.The 23-year-old has since attracted interest from the Catalan giants, although his buyout clause reportedly stands at €150 million (R2.2 billion).

"It's always positive that teams show interest in you," Saul told AS when asked about the Blaugrana's interest."But I want to do good things at Atletico andสโบเบ็ตthat's the reason for my renewal."I wanted to continue here and that's why it was done. It was very simple. The idea is to grow with Atletico.

"When it looks like I'm stuck or I need a change, then we can talk about it. But I want to improve with Atletico and my goal is to compete until the end for trophies with Atletico Madrid."สโบเบ็ต
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Re: Atletico Madrid Star Proud Of Barca Interest

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