Perez firmly agreed to play Baltimore Baldor if played for the King.

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Perez firmly agreed to play Baltimore Baldor if played for the King.

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"There is no point," said Florentino Perez, head of Real Madrid, confident if Naymar Stars shooting Paris Saint-Germain. Keep moving to play with. "White King", he will accomplish everything. Including the ball to the owner.
Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid giants of the Spanish La Liga, opened the door to welcome Naymar pioneered the Brazilian national team. After creating a beautiful image, the player will win a Baltimore or Golden Ball. Of course, if you play in the Santiago Bernabeu.

Naymar, who moved from "I threw" Barcelona to play for Paris Saint-Germain. This summer, it was # 3 in the prestigious Paris awards. French On the night of last Thursday. He had to look at Cristiano Ronaldo star kicker superstar. Smile with the ball to the Dord 5 times equivalent to Lionel Messi, a genius.

For now, the Brasil striker. However, Perez is confident that the whole story will be different if Naymar decides to leave "ashes" to play for the army. "White King" in the future.

"Being with Madrid makes it very easy. Perez said to Spain's leading media, "Real Madrid is the club to look at everything you need to be a great player. Everybody knows I want to. Signed with him already "sbobet mobile

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